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Chicago Mold Inspector – CIA’s Credentials

If you are searching for a mold inspector in Chicago, or mold inspectors in Chicago…

…you found the most professional mold tester in Chicago. With over 10 years in mold detection and thousands of mold inspections, We have been the mold expert for thousands of satisfied customers. As a result, Chicago Inspection Agency has earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and guarantees your money back if not completely satisfied.

If you are looking for for a mold specialist, a mold expert in Chicago… found a mold detection specialist in principal mold inspector Brett Kelley at CIA. With 25 years of builders experience prior to opening CIA 10 yrs. ago, Brett is not only a mold specialist, but also a construction expert. Together, these credentials mean he knows what mold in a home is, how and why mold develops, and where mold in the house can hide.

Holly Smith

Holly Smith – CIA Mold and Indoor Air Specialist

Due top the enormous demand for our services, CIA has recently expanded and added Holly Smith as our Indoor Air Specialist. A Liscenced IAQ professional. Holly brings an incredible knowledge of Indoor Air in General and Mold in particular to CIA’s arsonel of expertise. But what makes Holly really shine is her extraordinary compassion and commitment to customer health issues. (More on Holly >>>)

Wh en hiring Brett or Holly as your mold contractor, you’ll get the most experienced mold inspector in Chicago, and consequently, the best mold inspection in Chicago. 

If your concern is assuring a certified mold inspection from a certified mold inspector…

…relax! Chicago Inspection Agency is a Micro Certified mold inspector, with Certified Mold Inspector status from the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization (Micro). In addition, we order our testing supplies and continuing training through Pro-Lab, a federally certified Environmental Safety AIHA Lab. As one of the world’s the premier environmental test supply and training companies, their training also dovetails with our InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) certification (see the CIA Home inspector credentials page for more).

How much does a mold inspection cost?

First, consider the price to you and your family’s health and peace of mind that not testing might be. CIA aim is to always remain competitively priced, and considering our experience and expertise, we are amost always much less than our competition. More importantly, we know your concerns and we care, too. Call Brett at (847) 322-2383, or Holly (847) 505-9240,and might be surprised how little your mold testing cost might be. Here’s a tip: many other Chicago mold inspectors mainly do cleanup, which is a potential conflict of interest. Since the mold test cost is only a fraction of the whole job, the temptation is to bias the mold test for the bigger remediation job. So, it’s wise to beware of restoration companies who offers free or reduced fee mold testing. At Chicago inspection Agency you will always get a thorough, unbiased, and expert mold test of your property. We have no hidden agenda and are beholding solely to you. Should you ultimately need remediation we can advise you on what to look for in a contractor, or in small jobs, even inform you on how to do it yourself. And, you’ll already have a thorough, unbiased Mold Inspection to rely on.

Last Search: Looking to avoid buying a house with mold? Need a mold expert for finding mold in your home?

Congratulations – your search is over! There’s just one last thing to do. For your health and peace of mind, call the mold experts at Chicago Inspection Agency for a no obligation mold inspection quote right now.

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