Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Case Studies and Testimonials

“I was so impressed with the experience and professionalism Brett brought to inspecting our home, I hired him to do a pre-drywall inspection on my 18 unit condo development. This was an excellent value, and it headed off many future problems.”

Michael S.
Northfield, IL

One of 1000+ homes built under the supervision of Brett A, Kelley.

 Brett Kelley’s comments: After having built a number of homes this size, inspecting them is second nature. The additional oversight on the condos was an example of how people can use my experience creatively to bring their projects in on time and budget.


Brett Kelly’s comments: Despite our expertise with large homes and commercial building, Single family homes like this one are the majority of our inspections.

“When it came time for my purchase a home, I wanted someone with a lot of experience. I was very impressed and learned a lot about my home. I will recommend Brett to all my family and friends.”

Deepak D.
Rolling Meadows, IL

“Having met Brett through the construction industry years ago, I immediately thought of him when purchasing the beautiful old fixer-upper I recently purchased. I brought him in as both the inspector and an advisor, because I wanted someone whose opinion I respected to bounce ideas off of. I’m very happy with my new home, and the plans he helped me with to fix it up.”

Michael D.
Maywood, IL.

Brett Kelley’s comments: Owner-builders often have great skills themselves. We help out on those areas they may not be so familiar with, and advise them how best to proceed. This “fresh set of eyes”, especially at critical points of construction or remodeling can be crucial to the success of the project.

“When buying our new home Brett found a very hard to detect area of mold on the inside of on outside wall. On further inspection, it turned out to be a leaky roof. Brett saved me the cost of a new roof.”

Craig G.

“We used Brett on our first inspection of a condo. After discovering many of the systems were older, and some things that didn’t work, we decided not to go ahead with the purchase. We were much happier with the condo we did eventually buy, and of course, we used Brett’s services again. He really saved us a lot of money.”

Don B.

“Hands down best customer service I have ever received! Brett is always available for a frantic phone call, he talked to me for half an hour about our results! Not to mention, a call from my mom, my landlord and multiple emails about remedying our mold situation. Brett’s services are a steal! Our results came back and they were through the roof. For the longest time no one believed our spotless apartment could have had mold, but I have Brett to thank for discovering the mold and getting my roommate and I out of the unhealthy environment!

Thanks again Brett for everything, I really appreciate all of your help!”


“Hello Brett,

I want to wish you and your family the best of holidays during this Christmas and New Years 2011. You really are a great man for the work that you do and I respect and appreciate the information that you gave us about the house. The time you took with us to explain your findings and what we should look for in a house has helped us a great deal since. We consider you not just a business that we have worked with but also a friend. You took the time to explain and make us understand the complexity of your findings from your personal experience which was far beyond what we could have hoped for and really made an impression on us. We hope your holidays are great and joy filled. Have a great new year.

With many blessings to you.”
The Marlatt Family


Thank you very much for all the time you spent with us. You were worth every penny and we will be sure to refer you to any of our friends who run into a similar problem. If we have any follow up questions we’ll shoot you an email.

Thanks again,”

“Hi Brett,

Thank you for your newsletter. This is Sue and you came to my home at <Address Withheld> in Rolling Meadows last summer and the mold was over the top!!! My daughter and I were living there and we had to move out because we were getting so sick. The Village of Rolling Meadows finally came out after you and went into the crawl space and put orange sticker that said not fit for occupancy.

Since then my daughter has a series of health problems which are respiratory and asthma as well. My Dad finally sued the landlord or we call her a slumlord for ignoring my constant pleas for her to fix and take care of her property and stop trying to fix the problem by pouring bleach in every drain.

I have passed your name and agency on to my attorney, <Name Withheld>, and recommend you to any clients he may have in regards to needing an inspection. He is a personal injury attorney. FYI…my ex-landlord or slumlord sits in denial that there is a problem there!!!

Thanks to you and your findings, we were able to finally break the lease for the last month as it was deplorable conditions. Unfortunately, the damage was already done, but you were professional and quick to respond. I want you to know that I will always pass our name along.

Thank you and keep sending info when you have it.

Buffalo Grove
“Hi Brett

Thank you for the speedy service report. I do appreciate it!”

Schiller Park

“Dear Brett: 
Thank you for the inspection report and walk-through checklist. I
appreciate the thorough and professional inspection and the speedy
delivery of the documents, as well as your explanations about how to
maintain things in the unit.
Thank you!”

(In response to Brett’s summary and salutation – “it was a pleasure to meet you.”):

“A pleasure as well. Thank you for your fine service!”


Broker Associate, REALTOR (R)
Licensed in IL


We just want to thank you for the great work today. We’ll be looking for other properties in the next few months and will be looking for your help again.

Best regards,”
N and family

“Hi Brett,

Can’t thank you enough for all your help, coming on such short notice, on a Sunday, and while you were spending time with your daughter (who is adorable). The report is very helpful and I appreciate the notes on what to check on the walk through.

Pleasure to have met you as well,

Thanks again,”



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